What is iConsiderLife?


iConsiderLife is a self-help, decision support crisis and suicide prevention digital health program. It has been developed to assist people who are currently experiencing distress or suicidal thoughts but feel unable to seek support through human interaction (e.g., speaking to a family member, healthcare professional, Lifeline, etc). Our goal is to provide a space where people can access timely crisis support information, especially when they feel unable to seek human support.



iConsiderLife is one of the various programs offered through the My Digital Health platform. iConsiderLife is a very simple program made up of six different ‘strategy’ pathways. Which pathway(s) a person goes down will depend on how they answer the questions presented to them. The answers to these questions assist in providing the person with the information and resources that are of most relevance to them.


Presently, we are offering iConsiderLife through a research evaluation trial and invite people who are 18 years of age and older to participate. Participation involves consenting to the study and then answering six brief questions. Please note that you will not have to create an account to use the iConsiderLife program, which means you are as anonymous as you can be on the internet. However given this, the program won’t remember you after you close down your browser. Therefore, if you return, you will need to start from the very beginning. We also do not monitor your use of the program. To find out more about the iConsiderLife evaluation study, please click the continue button below.